Buying flats in Talegaon – everything you need to know

Buying 1BHK and 2BHK flats in Talegaon – Here is everything you need to know

Flats in Talegaon

Dream of a Dream Home

Everyone in his or her life wishes to buy a home, a dream home to be precise. The word home has now been rightly replaced by flats due to the soaring property rates in Pune. Nowadays, when one wishes to buy a flat, we are served with various options with regards to the size. A dream flat could possibly start from 1BHK and stretch to a 6BHK. But the bestsellers are found out to be 1BHK and 2BHK.

Talegaon: The Location

When it comes to location, Pune has a lot of options but best ones are few. One such location is Talegaon. Talegaon is an upcoming satellite city which is equidistant from Pune as well as Mumbai. The land is lush green and has freshness fused in its air. Also,

a lot of multinationals either are present in the surroundings or have bought lands near Talgaon understanding its importance. The city is also studded with various urban lifestyle amenities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, atms, gyms and more. Hence flats in Talgaon suit as the best for purchasing a new one.

1BHK Flat

1BHK flat comes with a neat space and fits into a modest budget. 1BHK flats need less maintenance and are ideal for working couples and small families. Either investment or a property buying to make a living, 1BHK flats stand to serve various purposes. Also, a 1BHK flat can be used as a getaway home whenever needed.

2BHK Flat

However, a 2BHK flat has its own pros. A 2BHK flat comes with an extra room which if calculated value wise is more efficient as compared to that of 1BHK. A 2BHK flat is ideal for a big number of members in a family as it gives more space. Re-sale value of a 2BHK is also more than as compared to 1BHK. An ideal sized flat sales out quick.

Yes, when buying a flat in Talegaon, such aspects are necessary to be considered which can help one in the long run!

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