The joy of community life

Remember those childhood days, when you used to spend your holidays almost at your friend’s house, at times even eating with them? Do you also wonder how your will the childhood of your child be? Will the community life give the child the joy of staying in neighborhood like ours?

Mom would come looking for you and say a little embarrassed, “Oh! So here you are! Look at you, when I called you for lunch, you weren’t hungry!” Then Mrs. Mukharjee, your friend’s mom would come to your rescue saying “Oh, Mrs. Joshi, that’s ok…we love his company and he loves the Mishti Pulao I make!” And there would be a repeat scene (albeit with some role reversal) while your friend enjoyed ‘puranpoli’ at your place! Add to this the festivals you celebrated together; and you would long to live all those moments again!

the jSuch is the magic of community life, eliminating the distances, breaking the barriers of language, cast, religion and region. All to make you realise that no matter what’s our origin, somewhere deep down, we all are one.

No matter whether you are a joint family or not, community living is indeed loads of fun, whichever way you choose to look at it. Whether it’s that quintessential feeling of security, bonding or enjoyment, it has absolutely no alternative.

The joy of community livingIf you have growing children at home, they are sure to pick up their social skills from the close-knit neighbourhood around their home.  Apart from learning to love, share and care; it would help them imbibe the spirit of healthy competition…and yippee! That’s a dress rehearsal in the miniature world before your child is ready to take a plunge in the real world! In fact, the goodness of community life is an enriching experience offering you a treasure of precious moments that would last you for a lifetime!

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