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Sports Amenities


‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!’ “Aww…we know that cliché too well…so, what of it?” you may ask in wonderment. Well, we are planning to join some gym…and err…we do our daily round of jogging whenever possible”… But then the proposition to join the gym is a bit too expensive and time consuming. And those sporadic rounds of jogging are not of much help Now consider, you get a home with all the nuances of that inevitable fitness mantra?

Welcome to Life 360-the complete living 

 Sitting pretty at the ideal locale of Rahatani, find Life 360, residences that offer a complete living. The project lives up to its name with many distinctive features. A large area, eye catching elevation, scrupulous planning and meticulous detailing are just a few. Most importantly, Life 360 is enriched with all the essential sports facilities.

Drench in freshness

Swimming pool with a deck

Wash off all the fatigue and stress of a busy day in the azure, lavish swimming pool.  That’s a rejuvenating dose of your daily tonic. If you don’t wish to swim, taking a dekko from the deck would be as cool!

Kick start an active life

Futsal court

Set your goal. Let your adrenaline rush. Face the challenge…and take it head on. There is nothing as exciting as chasing a futsal ball! Get set to give Lozano a complex!

Basket ball court

 Basketbal Courte

Jog along and be happy

Jogging Track

You race against time to keep ahead in your career. Sometimes, at the cost of your fitness. A jogging track is the best place to defeat those mounting cholesterol levels and diseases like diabetes. So, if you don’t have time for any sport, just jog along!

Get in the groove!

Indoor sports

Carom board: Let your mind be agile. And fingers nimble. Aim hard and strike. Win that queen. This indoor sport is simply addictive!

Tennis court: Practice your back hand. Get brisk and get that bisque. Whether it’s singles or doubles, it’s advantage you!

Fun zone for toddlers: Watch your kids hop, skip, run and swing. Let them breath in a lungful of fresh air…and have lots of good fun!

Baby pool: Teach your kids to swim like a fish… whether it’s a backstroke or butterfly!

Life 360 is the key to a playful, healthy and happy life!

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